SWIR Imaging Catalina


New Sony sensors
IMX990 (1.3 MP)
IMX991 (0.3 MP)

Broad imaging VIS-SWIR (400 - 1700 nm)

High Resolution 1280 x 1024 (1.3 MP)

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ALL NEW Goldeye cameras with

Industry' smallest pixel pitch of 5 µm

Catalina Island - Taken at 40km distance


Ultrafast Laser Diagnostic

Discover the world's most compact single-shot autocorrelator Alignment free
No moving parts
USB powered
Single pulse up to 100 kHz
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Achieve a 16-fold phase-point resolution enhancement by combining Shack-Hartmann technology with a phase retrieval algorithm applied at micro-lens scale. 272 x 200 and 680 x 504 phase-point resolution High dynamic range & high accuracy New SpotTracker technology Wavefronts measured from the same phase-hologram sent to an SLM Learn more

Argolight Calibration Slides

Calibration standards providing reference fluorescent patterns with stable and precise features. Designed for widefield, confocal and super-resolution fluorescence microscopes Useful for troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance or even predictive maintenance. Checks power, field uniformity and distortion, lateral resolution, stage motion, stage drift and much more! Learn more

Rescanning Confocal Microscope (RCM)

Sharper. Larger field of view. Easy to use Higher resolution and sensitivity than conventional confocal microscopy Live-cell friendly by preventing sample phototoxicity and fluorophore photobleaching Create long-term time lapses at a super-resolution Learn more

High-Speed SWIR camera

C-RED3 is the fastest InGaAs camera in its category 600 Hz in 640 x 512 px
32 kHz in 32 x 4 px
16-bit data
93dB High Dynamic Range mode
On-board adaptive bias
TEC-less technology
< 50 e- readout noise
USB3.1 and CameraLink interfaces

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