Laser Beam Shaping

Learn about manipulating and shaping light using Multi-Plane Phase Conversion (MPLC) technology.

ALL NEW Goldeye vSWIR cameras

Sony IMX990 & IMX991

Broad imaging 400 - 1700 nm

High Resolution 1280 x 1024 (1.3 MP)

Industry' smallest pixel of 5 µm

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Optical Metrology

Discover R-Flex, a self-illuminated Shack-Hartmann wavefront based system for the metrology of optical surfaces VIS/NIR and SWIR options
Beam size up to 150mm ф
Insensitive to vibrations
Up to 21,000 sampling points
Up to 1 kHz acquisition frequency

Excellence in Advanced Imaging and Optical Metrology

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Axiom Optics has been a North American distributor of high-end optical instrumentation since 2010. We are a dedicated team of engineers coming from various backgrounds providing technical expertise, sales and support for our customers. Our portfolio includes advanced light microscopy products, cameras and vision systems, solutions for laser beam diagnostics, positioning hexapods, wavefront sensors and various adaptive optics solutions. Our mission is to support researchers and engineers in academia, industry and government with the latest technology in optical instrumentation.

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