Optical Metrology Systems

Axiom Optics supplies wavefront sensors and wavefront metrology turnkey systems that quantitatively assess the shape, quality and performance of optical components and devices.

HASO Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensors are compact and portable devices that provide extremely accurate measurement of the optical wavefront. When used individually, they can be used for real time alignment of your optical system or laser beam characterization. When used in combination with the RFLEX2, or RFLEX LA or inside the MESO optical metrology systems, they provide a full characterization of a multitude of components, for example flat windows, flat or spherical mirrors, dichroics, cubes, finite conjugate systems, beam expanders and more…

Our metrology systems can operate on the VIS-NIR or SWIR spectral band, refresh at KHz speed, or provide high-resolution measurements. Explore our collection of optical metrology equipment today. Contact us with any questions, and send samples to our Somerville lab for test/evaluation.

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