Laser Beam Diagnostics and Spectroscopy

Axiom Optics offers a variety of laser beam diagnostic equipment to capture the size, intensity distribution, shape, and pointing stability of laser beams. We also supply laser beam diagnostic tools that can​ characterize​ ​ ​ultrafast lase​rs​​, ​including the measurement of ​​​as pulse duration and complete phase properties.

Spectroscopy tools allow researchers to discover the chemical properties of unknown materials, measure the purity of product samples, and even identify genetic abnormalities in human and animal tissue or blood samples. ​ ​

As experts in scientific optical instrumentation, the team at Axiom Optics is ready to assist you in finding the​ best​ ​ ​spectroscopy tools and laser beam diagnostic instruments ​ ​to be confident about the quality ​​accuracy of your results.

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