WiDy SenS Lin/Log Gated InGaAs

WiDy SenS Lin/Log Gated InGaAs

Sensor Type



640 x 512 px, 0.33 MP or 320 x 256 px, 0.08 MP

Pixel pitch

15 µm

Shutter Mode - Max frame rate

Global - 230 Hz

Readout Noise

<50 e- (linear, high gain, CDS)


USB3.0, CameraLink (base), GigE & Analog

  • New Imaging Technologies  is offering the new NSC1601 patented sensor combining both CTIA (linear response for sensitivity) and solar-cell modes (logarithm response for high dynamic range up to 140dB single exposure).
  • This new dual-readout circuit makes the WiDy SenS the most versatile SWIR InGaAs camera on the market capable of addressing most applications in the 900-1700nm range.
  • For active imaging applications, the WiDy SenS allows short gating down to 100ns with high shutter efficiency.



WiDy Sens Gated SWIR Camera Lin/Log Response

WiDy Sens gated SWIR camera series with dual-mode InGaAs sensor (Linear & Logarithmic): easy-to-use, best trade-off on market between High sensitivity (linear response) & High Dynamic Range (Logarithmic response), fastest gating capability, available with USB 3.0 (WiDyVISION), CameraLink (WiDyCAM) and GigE interface.

High dynamic range log response in SWIR. High sensitivity in SWIR range and many more advantages. Log mode solves saturation problems where lin mode allows detecting objects in with high sensitivity.

WiDy Sens gated SWIR camera offers unique performances and features. High sensitivity and High Dynamic Range, the WiDy SenS camera is the perfect for multiple applications. Its 640 x 512 pixels resolution offers a comfortable Field of view for inspection of semiconductor or solar cell panel. The pure linear-mode offers an ability to be used as a beam diagnostic tool when its High Dynamic Range can be used for monitoring of additive manufacturing processes.

Plug-and-play, including the option of control of sensor temperature, WiDy SenS camera with CameraLink interface is delivered calibrated with proprietary WiDyCAM software.

The Gated option, best-gated performances on the market, will give you extended possibilities for Defense & Security applications

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) covers the wavelength range from 900nm to 1700nm. SWIR is similar to visible light in that photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, providing the strong contrast needed for higher resolution imaging– unlike thermal images, that rely on radiated photons.

A large number of applications, which are difficult or impossible to perform using visible light, have great results by using short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging.

Made by using state of the art InGaAs material, all our sensors are developed and manufactured using proprietary and innovative manufacturing platform at our facility.

From ROIC to cameras engineering, including CMOS design and hybridization, NIT brings SWIR solutions with performances and cost-effectiveness in your hands.