CANUNDA-PULSE: Beam shaping for ultrafast lasers

CANUNDA-PULSE: Beam shaping for ultrafast lasers

Max input power

< 100 μJ @ 300 fs (< 100 W)

Operating wavelength - Pulse duration

1030 nm ± 10% - 300 fs (typical)


> 95% (90% typical)

Input beam size

Gaussian 1mm diameter (1/e2)

Output beam shape

Square: 500 μm - Round: ⍉ 500 μm - Line: 3.5 mm X 180 μm


± 5%

CANUNDA-PULSE beam shaping modules provide high-quality ultrashort laser beam shaping: micrometer-sized dimensions in the machining plane, exceptional depths of field equivalent to a Gaussian beam, and sharpness at the diffraction limit. This quality of beam shaping improves the quality (e.g. conicity) and efficiency of micromachining processes.

Using its mode-cleaning feature, CANUNDA-PULSE passively compensates for laser fluctuations and ensures that the laser is always stable in the processing plane.

The fully reflective architecture of the modules allows peak power of up to 100 µJ for femtosecond pulses! The CANUNDA-PULSE modules can be easily integrated into micromachining machines and have been proven to maintain their performance over the full field of view of an F-theta lens.

Standard set up for CANUNDA-PULSE implementation


Designed to improve laser processing, the CANUNDA range provides versatile and effective laser beam shaping. CANUNDA improves the quality, precision, speed and stability of processing for all types of laser source, whether single-mode or multimode.

The CANUNDA range of fully reflective solutions ensure stable, low-loss beam shaping capable of withstanding the high power of cutting or welding lasers or the high energy levels achieved by ultrashort pulse lasers for micromachining processes.

The CANUNDA-HP beam shaping modules can be used to shape high-power continuous lasers. They can perform symmetrical (ring, or ring with a central spot) or asymmetrical shaping, such as a spot followed by a line.

The fully reflective design of the shaping module supports very high average power (16 kW, demonstrated in partnership with the Institut Maupertuis). It can be cooled in a homogeneous manner for optimal results, thus minimizing thermal focus shift.

CANUNDA-HP modules have been integrated in industrial environments with optical fiber lasers on robot arms. The shaping module can either be fitted directly to the laser connector and integrate the entire optical chain up to the machining plane, or it can be integrated into standard, off-the-shelf collimation and focusing optical instruments.