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Ultrafast Laser Measurement
We provide innovative devices for temporal measurement (ROC and FROG), spectral measurement (MISS spectrometer). They are suitable for a broad wavelength range (from UV to mid-IR) and a large pulse duration range, from 5 fs to 80 ps. Those instruments can  be installed in only 2 minutes with no necessary calibration. Each product is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements, whatever the experimental conditions. They can yield proper measurements without caring about the accuracy of the alignment.

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M² Measurement
These tools are dedicated to accurately measure the full beam caustic of a focused or raw beam.
According to ISO 11146-1/2, CinSquare & FBP systems measure the complete beam caustic and determines M², waist position, divergence, etc., related to the reference plane.
The Focus Beam Profiler is dedicated for high power lasers such as those used in additive manufacturing processes (SLM, SLS).  CinSquare is the ideal tool for lab characterization of lasers from the UV to SWIR but can also be implemented in production thanks to a robust design resulting in high accuracy and high repeatability.