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SWIR Cameras & Cores

Our portfolio of products allows us to address most applications in the following spectrum ranges: 400 – 1700 nm (vSWIR) | 900 – 1700 nm (Standard InGaAs) | 1.4 – 2.2 µm (Extended range InGaAs) |  0.8 – 2.5 µm (HgCdTe)

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SWIR Laser Beam Profiling

Microscopy beyond the visible

The HD-SWIR Digital Microscope is  designed to “see” beyond what a standard optical microscope can image.  Combining SWIR coated optics, a SWIR illumination and a high resolution SWIR InGaAs camera with 5 µm pixel pitch, the HD-SWIR microscope is a cost effective and modular solution that can image microscopic samples in the visible and the shortwave infrared region (400 to 1700 nm). A variety of filter options allow imaging both visible and SWIR (400 – 1700 nm), SWIR only (900 – 1700 nm) or to focus on a spectral band or specific wavelength of interest.