Manx SQ Series

Manx SQ Series

Sensor Type



2048, 1024, 512 x 1

Pixel size

12.5 µm x 12.5 µm

Shutter Mode

Global shutter

Max line rate (kHz)

128 [“130” version], 256 [“260” version]



World’s fastest InGaAs line-scan camera with square pixels

Based on a brand new, in-house developed InGaAs linear detector, the Manx square (SQ) is a high-performance short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera providing high speed and quality line-scan imaging. At unprecedented line rates of up to 256 kHz (or 128 kHz), the Manx square (SQ) stands as the fastest line-scan InGaAs camera available in the world.

The Manx square (SQ) is able to provide up to 2048 pixel resolution. It also presents the lowest noise performance record for a 2048 pixel SWIR linear camera, combined with excellent dynamic range.

The use of CoaXPress interfacing enables fast and reliable data transfer.

The Manx square (SQ) is offered in 3 different resolutions of 512, 1024 or 2048 pixels.

Silicon wafer inspection, TFT screen inspection, food and agricultural produce sorting are some industrial applications that would benefit from this new line of ultra fast linear SWIR cameras.

Benefits & Features

• World’s fastest SWIR line-scan imaging up to 256 kHz
• High resolution
• Low noise, low dark current
• CoaXPress interfacing for reliable streaming of data
• Versatility with 4 gain modes