MPA type

Linear polarizer or Phase shifter + linear polarizer

MPLA configuration

2x2 - 0, 45, 90, 135º

Maximum resolution in polarization imaging

1024 x 1024 or 680 x 484

Max fps at full resolution

7000 Hz or 250 Hz

Min exposure time

369 ns or 2.9 µs

Polarization operating wavelength range (nm)

520 ~ 570

Conventional high-speed cameras have been utilized for nearly eighty years and are widely accepted worldwide through continuous technological development to visualize fast occurring phenomena. In recent years, demand for using polarization in structural dynamics and high-speed object detection has been increased due to the advancement of robotics, clear film production and new materials testing technologies. On the other hand, traditional high-speed cameras lack any polarization sensitivity.

CRYSTA has been developed to be the first high-speed camera with polarization sensitivity, developed through over five years of research and development by the market leader in high-speed camera innovation; Photron.

The high-speed polarization image sensor was developed through combining a photonic-crystal micro polarizer array and conventional high-speed image sensor. Photron is committed to continually expand the area of high-speed imaging with this new concept of polarization.


  • All-in-focus imaging with no moving parts — Up to 2.3 mm of perfect focus (Z)
  • Microscopic lateral resolution — Down to 0.4 μm resolution (X,Y)
  • Integrated coaxial illumination — White light line illumination with up to 4 mm FOV
  • High data acquisition rate over CameraLink — > 80,000 lines/sec
  • Works on highly reflective materials — Metal, glass, semiconductor, plastics etc