M2 Beam IR – Beam Quality

M2 Beam IR – Beam Quality

Spectral Range

800 - 1800 nm (IR) or 800 - 2700 nm (IRE)

Power range

Up to 5mW or 4kW (HP version)

Beam size

Up to 5 mm


5% typical(M2, BPP, waist size, divergence, waist location, Rayleigh length)

Laser Type



7-blade Knife-edge

The M2 Beam IR/IRE system is a fully automated instrument to measure the beam quality of CW laser systems from 800 to 2700 nm spectral range. The system consists of a fixed focusing lens in front of a motorized  translation stage carrying a 7-blade knife-edge beam analyzer. Its operational robustness and reliability ensures continuous use applications in industry, science, research and development.

According to ISO 11146-1/2 the M2 Beam system measures the complete beam caustic and determines M², waist position, divergence, etc., related to the reference plane.

A high-power option enables measurements of lasers with up to 4kW power.