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  1. -Fluorescence microscopy, biomedical imaging

  2. -Hyperspectral Imaging

  3. -X-ray Imaging

  4. -Astronomy

  5. -Airborne and Ground-based EO surveillance system

  6. -Long range target identification


is manufactured



  1. -1004 (H) x 1002 (V) Active Pixel Size (8µm x 8µm)

  2. -TC285 (monochrome) sensor from Texas Instruments

  3. -65% QE from Virtual Phase sensor

  4. -16 bit CameraLink output

  5. -no image intensifier

  6. -Full frame transfer

  7. -up to 30Hz frame rate

  8. -Ultra compact and rugged (90mm x 76mm x 67mm)

The digital FALCON EMCCD camera, model FA285-CL, combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution. It uses Texas Instruments' 1MegaPixel Frame Transfer Impactron device which provides a Quantum Efficiency up to 65%. FALCON EM285 is small, lightweight, low-power and is therefore ideal for integrators. It is the smallest and most rugged 1MP EMCCD camera in the world and comes with a standard CameraLink output. It is ideally suited for low-light imaging applications such as hyperspectral imaging, X-ray imaging, astronomy and low-light surveillance. The Pleora adaptor box can be used to convert the Camera Link data into GigE. RaptorVision Capture software and SDK allow for easy control of the camera and acquisition of images.