Webinar Series: Let's Perform More Quality Control in Less Time

June 16 & 18, 2020


Argolight & Axiom Optics are proud to invite you to our webinar series

Let’s perform more QC in less time!

WEBINAR #1: June 16 @ 1.00 PM EDT

WEBINAR #2: June 18 @ 1.00 PM EDT

Webinar Details

We are offering a webinar series dedicated to quality control of fluorescence microscopes


Webinar #1 – Get to know your microscope

  • Introduction of Axiom Optics and Argolight
  • Let’s discuss quality control: why? what ? and how?
  • DEMO: Assess the performance of your microscope
  • Q&A

Webinar #2 – Make your QC workflow easier and faster

  • Introduction of Axiom Optics and Argolight
  • Summary of Webinar #1
  • DEMO: Monitor the performance of your microscope
  • DEMO: Case study
  • New Daybook 3 Software Overview
  • Q&A

Quality control doesn’t have to be painful!

These recent years we have seen a big endeavor for quality control for fluorescence microscopy, as shown by the recent publication of an ISO norm for confocal microscopes, or the creation of several initiatives to share experiences and protocols for life science imaging.

Even though quality control often perceived as important and/or mandatory, however it is also considered to be a burden because of several factors.

In this webinar series we are going to review the solutions from Argolight to make the quality control process easier!

We will present the Argolight slides and use the Argo-POWER device to measure and analyze the specs of our microscope. Then we will present the new Daybook 3 software, for monitoring and tracking the specs of several microscopes, and conclude with the latest features. Our aim is to perform more QC in less time.

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