Rescan Confocal Microscope Webinar

May 19, 2020

Join us for an online demo

Simultaneous multi-color confocal super-resolution imaging with the Rescan Confocal Microscope

May 19, 2020

11.00 AM PDT (2.00 PM EDT)

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Webinar Details

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction of Axiom Optics &
  • Introduction of the Rescan Confocal Microscope
  • DEMO: Simultaneous multi-color confocal imaging with the RCM
  • DEMO: Super-resolution (120nm) confocal imaging with the RCM
  • Q&A

Rescan Confocal Microscope

This webinar is a remote demo of the Rescan Confocal Microscope (RCM) system.

The RCM can transform your widefield microscope to an enhanced laser-scanning confocal system. Thanks to the rescan technology, the RCM offers additional benefits compare to other confocal system:


  • Improved lateral resolution 170 nm raw and 120 nm deconvolved. 
  • Higher sensitivity (3-4x more) and therefore lower phytotoxicity. 
  • Ease of use and cost effective thanks to its unique camera based architecture and add-on design.

This webinar will show the simultaneous multi-color confocal capability of the RCM, using the Multi-Split (Cairn Research) to acquire simultaneous 4-color super-resolution datasets.

Visit our website for more information about RCM.

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