Laser Beam Quality - M² measurements with CinSquare

June 10, 2020

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Laser Beam Quality – M² measurements with

CinSquare tool from Cinogy

Wednesday, June 10 2020

12 PM EDT (9 AM PDT)

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Webinar Details

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction of Axiom Optics and Cinogy
  • Introduction of CinSquare
  • DEMO: Laser Beam Quality and M² Measurements with CinSquare
  • Q&A

How good is your laser beam quality ?

The M² value for a laser beam is widely used in the laser industry as a specification, and its method of measurement is regulated by an ISO Standard. A high beam quality can be important e.g. when strong focusing of a beam is required. This is true in the area of laser material processing, printing, marking, welding, cutting and drilling as well as laser microscopy and interferometry etc. 

CinSquare M² tool is a fully automated instrument that measures the beam quality of CW/pulsed laser systems from UV to SWIR spectral range. Its operational robustness and reliability ensures continuous use applications in industry, science, research and development. CinSquare tool measures the complete beam caustic and determines M², waist position, divergence, etc. 

This webinar includes a live demo of CinSquare tool and the RayCi Software.

RayCi software is specifically designed for beam profilers and utilizes new developed correction algorithms and incomparable visualizations modes. This ensures the highest accuracy in beam profile analysis according to ISO standards.

This webinar will be recorded. 

Please check our YouTube channel later.

How to choose the right laser beam profiler?

Can’t decide which laser beam profiler to use for your laser? Choosing the right laser beam profiler can be overwhelming. We did the research and summarized it for you! Visit our application page for our suggestions.

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