A Practical Guide to Adaptive Optics

July 1, 2020


Neptune from GALACSI + MUSE at VLT

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A Practical Guide to Adaptive Optics for Industrial and Research Applications

July 1, 2020

We are offering two sessions on July 1.

Session 1 @ 10 AM EDT

(4 PM Paris Time – 7 AM Los Angeles, CA Time)

Session 2 @ 12 PM EDT

(6 PM Paris Time – 9 AM Los Angeles, CA Time)

Webinar Details

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • The main principles of Adaptive Optics, how it works and why it can dramatically improve optical applications (Setup#1).
  • How do industrial and research applications take advantage of Adaptive Optics.
  • What makes high speed adaptive optics a game-changer for mastering atmospheric turbulence, as an example (Setup#2).

For more information on Adaptive Optics solutions visit our website

This webinar will be recorded please check our YouTube channel later

This webinar is the Webinar#3 in Wavefront Sensing Webinar Series offered by Imagine Optic and Axiom Optics.

Webinar #1: Optical characterization and alignment using R-FLEX and R-FLEX LA

Webinar #2: Can you trust your wavefront sensor?

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