Webinar - SENSOCELL: Optical Tweezers for Mechanobiology

March 6-11th, 2021
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Join Axiom Optics and Impetux for a demo of the SENSOCELL optical tweezers and force measurement platform. SENSOCELL is an optical tweezers system with multiple trap generation capability including a force measurement module, and is designed for mechanobiology studies in living cells and 3D tissues.

During this webinar we will introduce the technology of optical tweezers, present the SENSOCELL platform and show some application examples including the latest data acquired with SENSOCELL. We will conclude with an open Q&A session. The webinar will last 45 minutes.


Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Scientists and researchers interested in mechanobiology studies, pattern morphing applications including organic or non-organic particles and liquid crystals, or just curious scientists interested in optical tweezing and manipulation of really tiny things.

SENSOCELL Applications

> Tether Pulling

> Immune Cells Interactions

> Active Micro-Rheology

> Cell & Nucleus Deformation

> Cell-ECM Interactions

>In-Vivo Motor Proteins Activity

For an overview of SENSOCELL Applications, click HERE.

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