Argo-POWER Webinar

Nov 19, 2019
Virtual - Please register for the Webinar via link

About this Webinar

Argolight manufactures microscope quality assessment slides with various fluorescent patterns, allowing users to perform different tests and obtain quantitative result in minutes.

You can measure intensity performances, lateral resolution, chromatic aberrations over the FOV, stage behavior and much more. Each slide comes with an analysis and a data manager software. Analysis software allows you to obtain quantitative results and generate reports whereas the data manager facilitates keeping track of the measurements over time.

In this webinar we will demonstrate the Argo-POWER. The Argo-HM slide on Argo-POWER device is compatible with a wide variety of objective lenses, from 20X to 100X, air, water or oil immersion and has 13 different analysis patterns. In addition to the Argo-HM slide, the device has a power meter which allows you to measure the power incident on your sample in real-time or assess the linearity of the excitation source – everything is integrated through the same software!

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Equipment details:

Zeiss Axio Imager 2. Imaging with Hamamatsu Orca Flash V4. Excitation with Colibri LED module from ZEISS.

Webinar Details


Gautier Papon – CEO and Co-Founder at Argolight

Vincent Renaud – Microscopy Specialist at Axiom Optics

Nese Didem Temeltas – Sales Support Engineer at Axiom Optics


Nov 14, 2019


1 PM ET (10 AM PST)


1 hour

Please reach out to Nese Didem Temeltas, ntemeltas@ for your questions